Mend & Move

My name is Hannah Chandler. I’ve been massaging and teaching Pilates since 2002.

I want to see people improve. Pain and stiffness in not fun and often very treatable and preventable. I enjoy being a problem solver and endeavor to treat people, their concerns and their injuries on an individual basis.

I was very fortunate to work with an Olympic Physiotherapist for 7 years whilst living in Sydney. This gave me the opportunity to massage and teach Pilates to a team of Australian athletes as well as the general public who walked through the door. More importantly, I was so lucky to have a fabulous mentor early in my career who guided me through people’s injuries with confidence.

I have Diplomas in both Remedial Massage and Sports Therapies.

I use techniques such as:

Trigger Point Therapy | Dry Needling | ENAR (Electrotherapy to generate changes in the neuro response to pain) | Pregnancy Massage | Myofascial Release.

I have my Certificates in Mat, Reformer and Studio Pilates. My Mat Pilates classes are smaller so I can spend more time correcting each person. Exercises are modified for specific injuries and we use a variety of small apparatus to aid and to challenge the classes.

We work together with small apparatus such as:

Swiss Balls | Foam rollers | Magic circles | Therabands | Tennis balls | Oovs |Chi balls

Remedial Massage

Mend and Move Remedial & Sports Massage. My massage therapy practice works with clients to release muscle tension, relieve pain and rebuild balance to the musculo-skeletal system. My goal is to assist in your recovery, address your posture and prepare your body for its everyday routine.

Personal & Group Pilates

Mend and Move Pilates is about moving well, feeling good and being able to maintain that feeling in every aspect of your daily life.

We have classes for all ages and levels of fitness.